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Rapheal Crump

Rapheal Crump artist headshot

Rapheal Crump is an artist located in Dallas, Texas. He has been painting full-time since 2017, and his career has taken him to many locations around the U.S. He was born and raised in New York where he attended the School of Visual Arts for college, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2007. After graduating, He worked in graphic design for over 10 years before transitioning to become a full-time artist in 2017.

Crump's paintings reflect the experiences and locations he has been to throughout his life. Rapheal's work is heavily influenced by the vibrant colors and nature of the city and the cultures he has experienced. One of his goals is that he hopes you enjoy his work as much as he enjoys creating it.

Artist Statement

Rapheal gives you a unique experience in the world of fine art. His work focuses on location based paintings mostly derived from experiences with a unique perspective, using pallete knives to produce textured oil paintings. He incorporates the use of symbolism and purposefully strays away from using people or portraits in his artwork. Instead, the use of animals and objects is present, paired with a circular focal point to drive attention to the imagery. He also evokes a feeling of nostalgia in each individual piece to evoke certain emotions of connection to the viewer.

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