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Born in the Bronx New York, Rapheal grew up in a household that strongly believed in the importance of the arts and education. He was influenced by his mother who was an illustrator and his father, a painter. When he was only 5 years old, he was bitten by the entrepreneur bug when a woman offered him money for his drawings. These early influences and events lead him to open a boutique clothing store, selling customizable clothing and shoes by the time he was in high school. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in 2007, he began to work as a graphic artist and animator for a major media network in Times Square. After numerous years in the media field, Rapheal relocated to Dallas, Texas where he began his career as a full-time artist in 2014

Rapheal's work is done in oil paint, with the focuses on the beauty of New York City and now life in Texas. His visions derive from memories and experiences which connect the viewer and their own nostalgia. The evoked emotion from each viewer gives Rapheal a push to continuously create meaningful and thought-provoking bodies of work.

Curriculum Vitae







  • Nuu Muse Contemporary Fall Gallery Art Show 2020

  • Featured Artist - The Lawley Art Group, Dallas, TX

  • Texas Heat - Jack Rabbit Gallery, Houston, TX






  • Mural Art – “Champion, Home, Challenger” Nation Star – Mr Cooper. Dallas, TX

  • Mural Art – Deep Ellum Art Co. Musician Door, Deep Ellum. Dallas, TX

  • Art Basel 2017 – “Mystery of the Flying Kicks” Blinkgroup – Spectrum. Miami, FL

  • Little D Markets Night Market art Vendor showcase. Dallas, TX

  • Kixpo 2017 Mystery of the Flying Kicks Display, Fair Park. Dallas, TX

  • Dubin Breast Center Mt Sinai Hospital Art Auction Donation

  • Mystery of the Flying Kicks -The Basement Gallery. Dallas, TX

  • Commerce Street Night Market, Artist Co-Op. Dallas, TX

  • Mural Art. Game Stop “Heroes vs. Villains”, Mercury Studios. Dallas, TX



  • Book Cover Illustration. Glenn Beck -“The Immortal Nicholas”. Dallas, TX

  • Pancakes and booze Co-Op Art Show, Prophet Bar. Dallas, TX

  • Raw Arts Visionary Co-Op Art Show, Gas Monkey Live. Dallas, TX

  • Pancakes and Booze Co-Op Art Show, Quitoxic Lounge. Dallas, TX

  • Raw Arts Grandeur Co-Op Art Show, Lizard Lounge. Dallas, TX

  • Pancakes and Booze Co-Op Art Show, Quitoxic Lounge. Dallas, TX



  • Creative Artist, Animator, Designer. American Dream Labs. Dallas, TX

  • Mural Art. Crossfit 914. Elmsford, NY

  • Book Cover Illustration. M. Scherer – “Tales of my Williamsburg”.  Westchester, NY



  • Custom Air Tank Design. Phantom Autowerke. Elmsford, NY

  • Book Cover Illustration. M. Scherer – “Tuscalaurel”. Westchester, NY



  • Mural Art. Phantom Autowerke. Elmsford, NY

  • Arthouse Co-Op. Sketchbook Residence/Display. Brooklyn Museum, NY

  • Arthouse Co-Op. Sketchbook Tour. Brookyln, NY and traveling



  • Arthouse Co-Op. Sketchbook Tour. Brooklyn, NY and traveling

  • Fubu Clothing – Intern/Graphic Designer. NY,NY

  • Westchester Magazine Illustration. Westchester, NY



  • Magic Fashion Show Spit Urban Design Booth. Las Vegas, NV

  • Spit Urban Design. Co-Owner/Clothing Designer. Passaic, NJ

  • Westchester Magazine Christmas Story Article Illustration. Westchester, NY



  • BFA Class of 07′, School of Visual Arts. NY, NY

  • 2017 Nation Star – Mr.Coooper mural series. Dallas, TX

  • The Case Building Sneaker Art installment. Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX

  • 1930’s era MOTFK Installment, Mitchell lofts. Dallas, TX

  • Assistant director at Art New York for The Lawley Art Group, New York NY

  • Ak Productions Art – Videography, The Lawley Art Group – Art Wynwood 2019, Miami, FL

  • Partner/Manager Art Battle Dallas, 2018-Present, Dallas Tx

  • Ak Productions Art – Videography and Social Media production, 2019 Dallas, TX

  • The Lawley Art Group – Social Media and Video Production, 2019, Dallas, TX

  • TheBlaze – Mercury Radio Arts Sr. Graphics Designer, 2011-2018. NY,NY – Dallas, TX

  • FNC– Graphics Designer, 2007-2011. NY, NY

  • Spit Urban Apparel, Co-Owner, 2005-2008. Passaic, NJ

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